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The Siding Gallery, by design, does not show any trains (unless it is unavoidable) in pictures of the sidings. This is so you can see the layout of the land and get your own ideas on how to take pictures of trains. However, if you'd like to see pictures taken from various spots at this siding, then you can Search the Photo Gallery for pictures here on!

The Crossover of Rio is located at milepost 676.6 on the Provo Subdivision.This is the first crossover west of the grade realignment at Thistle, UT. In 1983, amajor mudslide filled the valley, burying the railroad town of Thistle, and the tracks!The line was closed for three months as the grade was realigned and two tunnel wereconstructed. Rio does not get used quite as often as some of the other crossovers, asRio crosses trains over the "wrong" track, in violation of the right-hand rule. Onecommon use of Rio might be to cross Amtrak onto the opposing track to pass a slow-movingtrain.

Picture 1
This picture looks east through the crossover. Notice the crossover is runningthe opposite direction as the one at Narrows. You can also see US Hwy 6 running parallelto the tracks on the left side of the picture.

Picture 2
This shot shows the turnout as well as the control box at Rio. An interesting thingto note. While you might expect this crossover to be pronounced "Ree-Oh", as in Rio Grande,most railroad employees seem to refer to it as "RI-Oh".

Picture 3
A closeup of the silver control box.

Picture 4
Another late-in-the-day shot looking to the west, more or less into the setting sun.Just ahead in this picture is the beginning of the valley where Thistle, UT was oncelocated!

Picture 5
A quick look at the signals before leaving Rio. Coming down in altitude, the vegetationincreases a bit, particularly here in the canyon along the river!

Subdivision.. Provo
Milepost..... 676.6
Crossover.... Track 1 to Track 2 (westbound)
Speed........ 40-35
Dispatcher... DS-78
AAR.......... 23 (160.455)
House Track.. None
Branches..... None
Grade Xing... None
Access Road.. None

Main 1............ Approach Lit
Main 2............ Approach Lit

Main 1............ Approach Lit
Main 2............ Approach Lit

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