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The Siding Gallery, by design, does not show any trains (unless it is unavoidable) in pictures of the sidings. This is so you can see the layout of the land and get your own ideas on how to take pictures of trains. However, if you'd like to see pictures taken from various spots at this siding, then you can Search the Photo Gallery for pictures here on!

The Crossover of Colton is located at milepost 644.8 on the Price Subdivision.Colton is not only a crossover, but it also marks the beginning of the Pleasant ValleySubdivision. There is a branch off of track two which runs 21 miles out to the SkylineMine. The first mile of the Pleasant Valley Sub is within Yard Limit territories,but then enters Track Warrant Control (TWC) out to the mine. The maximum speed on thePleasant Valley Sub is 15 MPH.

Picture 1
This shot looks [track wise] east, towards the crossover and the branch to the PleasantValley Sub. The signal on the right has two searchlights: the top for main track two andthe bottom for the Pleasant Valley Sub. The signal on the left has three searchlights:the top for main track one, the middle for main track two, and the bottom for thePleasant Valley Sub.

Picture 2
Colton is also frequently used for setting out Helpers. The roughest part of theclimb to Soldier Summit is in the vicinity of Kyune. Once that is complete, the gradelevels out a bit from Colton to Soldier Summit. So, trains with helpers will often stopat Colton to allow their helpers to cut out of the train, run through the crossover,and back to Helper on track two.

Picture 3
Here are the westbound signals. The signal on the far left is for trainscoming off of the Pleasant Valley Sub. More often then not, they will receivea "low green" at this signal, indicating they may run through the crossoverand proceed westbound on track one.

Picture 4
As mentioned above, the beginning of the Pleasant Valley Sub is known asa Yard Limit Territory, meaning the dispatcher does not know (or care) iftrains or personnel are within those limits. Here is the sign indicatingthe beginning of the Yard Limit on the branch, and the end of CTC (CentralizedTraffic Control) on the mainline.

Subdivision.. Provo
Milepost..... 644.8
Crossover.... Track 2 to Track 1 (westbound)
Speed........ 65-60
Dispatcher... DS-78
AAR.......... 23 (160.455)
House Track.. None
Branches..... None
Grade Xing... None
Access Road.. Yes

Main 1............ Approach Lit
Main 2............ Approach Lit

Main 1............ Approach Lit
Main 2............ Approach Lit

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