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The Siding Gallery, by design, does not show any trains (unless it is unavoidable) in pictures of the sidings. This is so you can see the layout of the land and get your own ideas on how to take pictures of trains. However, if you'd like to see pictures taken from various spots at this siding, then you can Search the Photo Gallery for pictures here on!

The Crossover of Springville is located at milepost 695.5 on the Provo Subdivision.Not long after Castilla, heading westbound, the canyon comes to an end and opens up intothe valley where Spanish Fork, Orem, Provo, and Salt Lake City are all located. Springvilleis actually located right along a city street, with a few homes on the opposing side!

Picture 1
Aside from a crossover at Springville, there is also a branch line that meets up withtrack two. The branch line is seen in this picture, next to the Springville control box.

Picture 2
The valley located on the far left of the picture, just above the embankment the roadruns on, is the valley in which Castilla is located, as well as all points further east!

Picture 3
Here is the crossover at Springville. You can see to the right of the crossover thepaved road that follows the tracks. Also notice the house that sits on the far right of thepicture, facing the tracks!

Picture 4
So what's the deal with these signals? The one on the left has only one searchlightbecause trains running east on track one cannot crossover to track two at Springville. Thesignal on the right has three searchlights, one for main two (top), one for main one (middle),and one for the branch line (bottom).

Subdivision.. Provo
Milepost..... 695.5
Crossover.... Track 1 to Track 2
Speed........ 60-50
Dispatcher... DS-78
AAR.......... 23 (160.455)
House Track.. None
Branches..... None
Grade Xing... None
Access Road.. None

Main 1............ Approach Lit
Main 2............ Approach Lit

Main 1............ Approach Lit
Main 2............ Approach Lit

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