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The Siding Gallery, by design, does not show any trains (unless it is unavoidable) in pictures of the sidings. This is so you can see the layout of the land and get your own ideas on how to take pictures of trains. However, if you'd like to see pictures taken from various spots at this siding, then you can Search the Photo Gallery for pictures here on!

The Siding of Floy is located at milepost 540.4 on the Green RiverSubdivion. Floy is one of several sidings that is out in the middle of theUtah desert. Once you see some pictures, there is no doubt about the climate.Just looking at them makes your mouth dry!

We'll start Floy off at the east end of the siding and work west. Floy is arelatively straight siding, with only one curve to the right as you are travelingwest.

Picture 1
Welcome to the desert! This is the east end of Floy, looking west. The trackshere are actually running geographically south west, heading for I-70. The trackswill come close to meeting I-70, and then separate again until Green River.

Picture 2
Imagine what it was like to be one of the pioneers that first crossed thedesert in the 19th Century. The background in this picture really says it all!

Picture 3
So what might be the two most common forms of wildlife you might expect tofind at Floy, UT? Would it surprise you to learn that, in late May, lizards andcaterpillars are the two most common! Although they do not show up well in thesepictures, caterpillars could found every couple feet!

Picture 4
It is very cool the way the tracks seem to run in a straight line forever offinto the horizon in this picture.

Picture 5
As is common with many sidings, the signal on the siding is a little closer tothe switch than the signal on the mainline. There is also a wide range of sizes tosignals. East Floy seems to be the norm out in the desert, particularly with thedwarf for the siding right on the ground.

Picture 6
Floy does not look as though it gets a whole lot of use. There are many weedsgrowing in the tracks and the rust on the rail on the siding was a bit more thanwhat is typical for a regularly used siding.

Moving to the west end of the siding, we find the house track. Floy hasa rather unique house track in that there is only access from one end (the east end).The track is not parallel to the siding, but rather runs off on a tangent!

Picture 7
The house track at Floy is definitely one of the most unique house tracksaround. Rather than running parallel to the siding, it quickly diverges, movingaway from the tracks to the south. It looks as though there may well have oncebeen some sort of dock along the house track. Note the sign indicating aspring-loaded switch.

Picture 8
Because the house track does not run parallel to the siding, there is accessto the track from only one end; the east end. You can see in this picture thetrack climbing back up to the siding.

Picture 9
This plateau is fairly characteristic of the types of plateaus that are foundall around in the Utah desert.

Picture 10
Floy is actually one of the shorter sidings in the desert, weighing in at5,890 feet. On the Moffat Sub, this would qualify as a rather long siding!However, out in the unconfined spaces of the desert, Floy is shorter than everysiding on the Green River Sub with the exceptions of Shale (4,540 ft),Durham (5,080 ft), Brendel (5,100 ft), and Elba (5,490 ft).

Picture 11
Similar to the east end of the siding, the west end looks as though thetracks are going to run forever to the horizon! There are a fair number ofdirt roads in the area that work their way toward a canyon further north.

Picture 12
There is a little more vegetation near the west end of the siding, but thisis because of the tail end of a small creek that runs down from the canyonmentioned in the previous picture.

Picture 13
Here is the control box at the west end of the siding. Notice on the sideof the box that "FLOY" is still (barely) readable, but there is a new sign thatUnion Pacific has added, giving a little more information.

Picture 14
Another 86 miles in this direction and you find yourselfin the middle of "beautiful downtown Helper, UT".

Picture 15
We close out this siding in the middle of nowhere with a shot looking backto the east. The house track can actually just barely be seen just below thehorizon to the right of the tracks.

Subdivision.. Green River
Milepost..... 540.4
Length....... 5,890 feet
Speed........ 70-60
Dispatcher... DS-84 (Trick 2) / DS-78 (Tricks 1,3)
AAR.......... 54 (160.920)
House Track.. Yes, approx 575 feet (not connected to siding at west end)
Branches..... None
Grade Xing... None
Access Road.. Yes

Westbound......... Approach Lit
Eastbound Main.... Approach Lit
Eastbound Siding.. Approach Lit

Eastbound......... Approach Lit
Westbound Main.... Approach Lit
Westbound Siding.. Approach Lit

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