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Photo By: Kevin Morgan
At last! With this picture, I finally have a shot of all four Heritage Units leading the California Zephyr. As far as I'm concerned, I saved the best for last. The Phase III scheme has always been my favorite. The Zephyr charges west out of Leyden.
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Posted By Webmaster On Friday, February 17, 2012 At 2:31:38 PM (PT)

Amtrak has done a pretty descent job "spreading the wealth" around. Each of the four heritage units have now made at least one appearance on the Zephyr.  
On average, it seems that one comes through Colorado maybe once every six weeks or so...

Posted By clovis butterworth aka gothpapa On Friday, February 17, 2012 At 1:50:33 PM (PT)

Do the Zephyrs routinely include a heritage unit or is it luck of the draw to see one?

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Date Shot
Date Added
Sunday, January 15, 2012
9:58:57 AM
Sunday, January 15, 2012
Times Viewed
357 Sunny
Railroad Location
Arvada, CO CP DS013 (West Leyden)
Unit Number
P42DC AMTK 145
Moffat Tunnel (UP) Amtrak
Location of West Leyden

View West Leyden in a larger map

Exposure Details (EXIF Data)
Shutter Speed
Aperature Value
400 1/800 seconds f8
Camera Make / Model
Lens Focal Length (FOVCF) *
Canon / Canon EOS 40D 19mm (30mm)
* Note - Several digital cameras have a sensor that is actually slightly smaller than the 35mm equivalent. Consequently, the effective focal length is increased. This is the case with both the Canon Digital Rebel and Rebel XT. FOVCF is an acronym for "Field Of View Crop Factor".

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