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Second Main Track - Tabernash to Winter Park Project
Summary Information
Railroad Union Pacific
Overview A second main track will be added between Tabernash and Winter Park on the Moffat Tunnel Subdivsion.
Purpose Eastbound coal trains currently must wait at Tabernash for westbound empties coming out of the tunnel. After a meet at Tabernash, it takes a coal load up to 30 minutes to get to the tunnel. With the addition of a second main track, the westbound can leave Tabernash when the westbound is still in the tunnel. The westbound will emerge and venting will be complete by the time the eastbound reaches the tunnel.
Plan Add a second track parallel to the existing mainline between Tabernash and Winter Park. All bridges between Tabernash and Winter Park will have to be widened to support a second track (or a second bridge will have to be built parallel to the existing bridge).

Detail Information
Timeline Unknown
Major Obstacles 1. Funding / Priority from Omaha.
Project Updates
9/19/2005 - Construction on the bridge east of Fraser has been completed. The new bridge is wide enough to support a second main track.
8/4/2005 - A new bridge east of Fraser will be built to give cars access to a new golf course being constructed.
Start Date
Completion Date
Total Duration

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