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Wadsworth Parkway Underpass Project
Summary Information
Railroad BNSF
Overview Wadsworth Parkway will be lowered to run underneath the BNSF Golden Branch in Arvada.
Purpose BNSF's Golden Branch line (which runs from C&S Junction to Golden) crosses Wadsworth Parkway in Arvada at grade. The Golden Branch is used primarily for access to the Coors Brewery in Golden. There are four "Beer Trains" each day, two in and two out. Often times, these trains cross Wadsworth during rush hour. These trains move at restricted speeds (15 to 20 MPH) and cause huge congestion on Wadsworth.
Plan Wadsworth will be temporarily re-routed to west of its current location (maintaining all six lanes) while the existing grade is lowered. In addition, a temporary Shoo-fly for the BNSF line would be constructed at grade while a bridge for the tracks is build.

Detail Information
Timeline Construction started in September 2006 and is scheduled to last through September 2008..
7 Major Phases:
1. Demolition (9/20/2006-11/26/2006)
2. Construction of Wadsworth Shoo-fly (11/27/2006-3/24/2006)*
3a. Trench and Track Shoo-fly Construction (3/25/2006-?)
3b. Trench and Track Shoo-fly Continuation
4a. Grandview Bridge Construction
4b. Track Reconnection Over Bridge
4c. Completion of Wadsworth Trench
5a. Restoration of Northbound Traffic
5b. Restoration of Southbound Traffic
6. Removal of Wadsworth Shoo-fly
7. Grandview and Teller Completion
*Current Phase
Major Obstacles 1. Funding for the roughly $30 million project.
2. Passing Environmental Regulations.
3. Securing public approval.
4. Securing land from adjancent homes and business to construct Wadsworth Detour.
Project Updates
3/19/2007 - Crews work overnight to reroute southbound traffic from Wadsworth to the Wadsworth shoo-fly. At the same time, westbound Grandview is blocked off at Salsbury, forever closing the intersection of Wadsworth and Grandview. The stoplight at the intersection is disabled, and the traffic signals are covered with tarps. Northbound traffic remains on Wadsworth for the time being.
3/18/2007 - Crews complete the placement of cement barriers and striping is applied to the length of the shoo-fly.
3/17/2007 - Crews are working hard to setup cement barriers on either side of the Wadsworth shoo-fly and down the center to separate the northbound and southbound lanes. Guideline marks have been painted on the shoo-fly for striping to be applied. The crossing arm has been added to the signal for the southbound Wadsworth shoo-fly.
3/1/2007 - Asphault for the Wadsworth shoo-fly has been completed over the railroad tracks. Both the existing tracks and the BNSF shoo-fly have new cement railroad crossing and asphault has been laid on both side and between the two sets of tracks. The Wadsworth shoo-fly should be ready to receive cement barriers and striping.
2/24/2007 - Asphault for the Wadsworth shoo-fly has been completed except over the railroad tracks. The first portion of the BNSF shoo-fly has been completed to. Panel track has been laid from the west edge of the existing Wadsworth west toward the point where the shoo-fly will connect with the exsting track. The traffic signal for eastbound Grandview at Wadsworth has been removed.
1/1/2007 - In January, the alignment for the Wadsworth bypass will be completed. The BNSF shoo-fly (part of Phase 3a/b) will also undergo construction. Due to the severe blizzards in December, the completion date of the project has been pushed back from August 2008 to September 2008.
12/28/2006 - The fill on the south side of the tracks has been nearly completed. Once completed, the grading for the Wadsworth bypass will be complete.
12/15/2006 - Street lights have been erected along the Wadsworth bypass alignment.
11/27/2006 - Demolition of business on both sides of Wadsworth in complete. Phase 2 can now move forward, full force.
10/14/2006 - Demolition of the businesses along the west side of Wadsworth if over halfway complete. Once complete, the first phase of the project will be largely completed.
9/20/2006 - Ground is broken on the grade separation between Wadsworth Bypass (Boulevard) and the BNSF Golden Subdivision.
6/1/2005 - Construction plan and timeline are announced.
1/1/2005 - Funding for the project (between $25.6 million and $30 million) has been secured and will become available in 2006.
5/26/2004 - Environmental Assessment for the project is being conducted by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).
6/1/2000 - The City of Arvada initiates the "Wadsworth Bypass/BNSF Railroad Grade Separation Feasibility Study".
Start Date 9/20/2006
Completion Date 12/8/2008
Total Duration 810 days

Project Maps
Pre-Construction - Map showing a view of the project prior to the start of construction.
Phase 1 - Structure Demolition west of Wadsworth.
Phase 2 - Construction of Wadsworth Shoofly.
Phase 3a - Trench and Track Shoofly Construction.
Phase 3b - Trench and Track Shoofly Continuation.
Phase 4a - Grandview Bridge Construction.
Phase 4b - Track Reconnection Over Bridge.
Phase 4c - Completion of Wadsworth Trench.
Phase 5a - Restoration of Northbound Traffic on Wadsworth.
Phase 5b - Restoration of Southbound Traffic on Wadsworth.
Phase 6 - Demolition of Wadsworth Shoofly.
Phase 7 - Grandview and Teller Completion
After Completion - Post-Construction View.
Aerial Image - This image, courtesy of Microsoft Virtual Earth, shows the project area and the businesses that must be demolished for the project.

Additional Photos
Pictures of the businesses along Wadsworth north of Grandview as well as the intersection of Wadsworth and Grandview. All taken on July 2, 2006.

Less than a month into the project, many of the businesses on the west side of Wadsworth have been demolished! All taken on October 14, 2006.

All the businesses that need to be demolished are gone along Wadsworth and grading for the temporary bypass is underway. Taken on November 18 and 19, 2006.

Demolition complete! Grading for the Wadsworth bypass is underway, street lights are in place, and track panels have appeared along the BNSF line. Taken on January 5, 2007.

Asphault on the Wadsworth Shoofly has been laid, except across the BNSF tracks and the BNSF Shoofly tracks. The traffic signal for westbound Grandview has been removed. The beginnings for the BNSF Shoofly have been laid. Taken on February 24, 2007.

All the asphault for the Wadsworth Shoofly has been completed. New cement crossings have been installed for both the BNSF tracks and the BNSF Shoofly tracks. Taken on March 1, 2007.

Nearly all the cement barriers have been installed on either side of the Wadsworth Shoofly and down the center to separate northbound lanes from southbound lanes. Paint guildlines have been added for the striping. March 17, 2007.

Southbound traffic has been moved from Wadsworth to the Wadsworth Shoofly. Northbound traffic temporarily remains on Wadsworth as crews work to complete the northbound Wadsworth Shoofly lanes. March 21 and 22, 2007.

Additional Links
CDOT Project Website - The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has a website setup for the project to provide answers and information.
Arvada Project Website - The City of Arvada has a website containing updates regarding the project.

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