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Second Main Track - Sandown Junction to Watkins Project
Summary Information
Railroad Union Pacific
Overview A second main track will be added between Sandown Junction on the Limon Sub and Watkins, CO.
Purpose Once the CRIP project has been completed, it will make sense to extend the two main tracks from the CRIP line east to Watkins, CO where a new yard will be built at some point in the future. This will increase train productivity and eliminate the need for meets. It will also allow locals such as the Roydale local to switch without delaying trains as much. CTC would also be installed along the entire line with the addition of the second track. The sidings of Sable and Mesa would be eliminated.
Plan Adding a second main track parallel to the existing main track between Sandown and Watkins, CO. Add CTC to the entire line between those points.

Detail Information
Timeline Construction beginning sometime between 2010 and 2015.
Major Obstacles 1. Funding / Priority from Omaha.
Project Updates
12/1/2005 - Unknown
Start Date
Completion Date
Total Duration

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